Narappa Review, Rating: Venkatesh's Performance Next Level!

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Cast: Venkatesh, Priyamani
Director: Srikanth Addala
Producer: Suresh Productions
Release Date: July 19, 2021

After long a gap, a Telugu film starring actor Victory Venkatesh titled 'Narappa' has started streaming on Amazon Prime Video. The film is a remake of the Tamil blockbuster hit 'Asuran'. Venkatesh's Narappa has opened to positive reviews from all quarters. If you are searching for Narappa's review, then you have landed on the right page. Here we go..

Venkatesh (Narappa) is leading a very normal and happy life with his three kids two sons and one daughter. On fine day, Narappa's family learns that a rich family has bought their neighbor's land. They put up a fence to prevent tresspassers. Bandi Swamy wants to own all the lands of the village people. Bandi also plans to Narappa's land. However, Narappa's family members wouldn't allow that to happen. 

Narappa's wife gets into an altercation with Bandi Swamy's son, as they start using water which Narappa's family and other village people use for their fields. Narappa's wife Sundaramma (Priyamani) intervenes and tries to stop the water supply, which leads to a heated argument, Sundramma's elder son gets into a bitter fight with Bandi Swamy's son for beating her mother. Bandi Swamy sends Narappa's son to jail for beating his son. Narappa asks Bandi Swamy to get him released and the latter asks Narappa to apologise to his son by falling at his feet. He also makes Narappa apologise to the entire village as a punishment for beating his son. Narappa who loves his son unconditionally, doesn't mind in seeking apology from villagers. Narappa's eldest son gets released from the Jail, but again he gets into a clash with Bandi Swamy for insulting his father, and demands that he says sorry to the entire village. Narappa's son beats up Bandi Swamy with a slipper, which insults him a lot. Bandi Swami arranges a goonda to kill Narappa's son, which they do.

The contract killers drop his dead body in a forest. Narappa and the village find a  naked body without head in the forest. Narappa's younger son decides to punish him for killing his brother. One fine day, when Bandi Swamy is having a party, Narappa's younger son (Chinaba), attacks him, slits his throat and Bandi Swami dies on the spot. Bandi Swamy's son is determined to trace Narappa and his son Chinabba. But, Narappa wants to save his son from him. How he manages to rescue his son from them forms the rest of the story.

Performance: There are no words to describe Venkatesh's performance in the film. He has nailed every scene. Honestly, while watching the movie, one wonders if he is really Venkatesh. The senior Tollywood actor just slays it with his killer performance in the film. Venky keeps the audience hooked to the screens with his mind-blowing performance. Priyamani makes a grand comeback with Narappa, she also aces the look and the role, like always. Rajeev Kankala, Rao Ramesh also do justice to their roles in the film. The entire team of Narappa deserves a huge round of applause for turning a remake into a fantastic product. The audience will enjoy every bit of it. 

Minus Points:

The narration gets slow in the second half

Plus Points:

Venkatesh acting
Interval scene
Climax Scene

Verdict: The film showcases the problems of rich and poor people, how rich people try to dominate and steal from poor people. Venkatesh's last dialogue to his son will evoke whistles. Narappa is a perfect family entertainer for the Telugu audience and Venkatesh fans. It's worth your time.

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