Nagarjuna Shares Shilpa Reddy's Video On How She Fought Fought COVID-19

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HYDERABAD: Tollywood actor Nagarjuna Akkineni has given a clarion call to the public to be cautious and extra-vigilant as the coronavirus cases are rising rapidly. Nagarjuna took to Twitter and shared a video of designer Shilpa Reddy, who revealed to the world her battle with COVID-19 infection. The Tollywood actor shared Shilpa Reddy's Instagram link with the text that read, "As the cases of #COVID__19 increase in the world, The only weapon right now seems to be being healthy in mind & body. Our dear friend #Shilpareddy and her husband experienced the virus and came out of it shining!! Thumbs up Bouquet Listen to her experience..inspiring!!."

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Recently, model-turned-designer Shilpa Reddy, a close friend of Samantha Akkineni, was infected with coronavirus. But she got herself treated and was cured of COVID-19. As things stand, she is absolutely fine now. Shilpa Reddy took to Instagram and posted a video narrating how she fought the virus and got rid of the dreaded disease. Incidentally, Shilpa Reddy and her husband turned out to be the asymptomatic cases that eventually tested positive for coronavirus. In her post, she also listed down the precautionary measures and remedies that one can take to battle coronavirus and also increase immunity.

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