Munawar Faruqui Threatens to Quit the Lock Upp Show, Know the Reason Why?

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Like all reality shows, controversial show Lock Upp too has everyday content like shocking revelations by the inmates and a casual talk turning into the ugly fights among the contestants. In one of its recent episodes, the Karnataka ‘halal meat row’ made its way into the Lock Upp jail which led to a clash between the contestants. 

To grab more eyeballs, the news of right wing groups demanding a ban on halal meat in Karnataka was shown inside the Lock Upp. As this is anybody’s guess, the ‘Halal’ became a buzzword in the jail and inmate Anjali wanted to know what exactly is ‘Halal’. Another contestant Munawar Faruqui tried to explain to her about Halal concept saying, “There are two types of meat. One is in which an animal is killed by shock in a machine, and the second is Halal, in which they cut the animal’s neck and let the blood flow. Muslims prefer Halal.”

To Faruqui’s surprise, co-contestant Poonam Pandey said Halal seems to be a preferred mode of slaughtering an animal as the blood contains all the diseases and by letting it flow, the diseases from the meat gets cleaned. 

Not surprisingly, controversial contestant Payal Rohatgi said Halal meat should be banned as “Halal meat means you are promoting a religion indirectly through the selling of that meat.”

Seeing Payal bringing into religion among the inmates casual conversation, co-contestant Zeeshan Khan said in Jhatka method (in this slaughtering method the head of an animal is separated from the body with a swift and sharp cut on the animal’s neck), the chicken doesn’t die instantly most of the times. 

Payal found didn’t buy Zeeshan’s argument and things went out of hand, so much so the actress made certain islamophobic comments against him and even called him a terrorist. This made all other housemates come to the rescue of Zeeshan and the jail witnessed a massive ruckus among its inmates and many contestants demanded Payal’s elimination from the show. While Munawar Faruqui threatened to quit the show if Payal is not evicted. 

When the Judgment Day on Sunday came, host Kangana Ranaut admonished Payal for her religious slur and took away her leadership role in the Lock Upp for the rest of the time. 

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