Mumbai Sex Racket: Kollywood Actresses Caught Red Handed in Brothel Raid

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This is not the first time that people from the film industry have been caught in prostitution. This has been going on for many years. Some fall into this trap hoping to grab some opportunities in the industry. Others take the wrong path for money. More and more people have now been caught in a debt trap because of the corona which has rendered scores jobless. 

Most people know that the film industry is not as beautiful as it looks on the outside. It has already been revealed that there are a lot of prostitution gangs here. Sex rackets have been uncovered within the industry many times. The same thing is happening now. 

Two heroines were caught red-handed in prostitution. The suffering of models and up-and-coming heroines in the film industry is indescribable. Some people are brainwashed into thinking that they have no choice but to get into this profession. 

In a recent case, two Tamil actresses were caught in a prostitution racket in Mumbai. Even after being caught red-handed, their response came as a shock to the police. In the field of cinema, shootings, modelling and photoshoots have all stopped. 

The actresses are believed to have told the cops that they have got so accustomed to living luxurious lives that now they are facing a lot of trouble with money because of a lack of opportunities. So the women said that they came to Mumbai to keep the money coming in. 

The police arrested them and shifted them to a rehabilitation centre. Police say some are falling into this trap for want of money. Mumbai police have also arrested two women and a brothel owner for allegedly using their weaknesses to do business.

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