Monal Gajjar Eliminated From Bigg Boss, Nagarjuna To Confirm: Here's Why

 - Sakshi Post

Bigg Boss Telugu season 4 is getting interesting by the day. With the new season almost approaching the end, there's a lot of curiosity over who will get eliminated week after week and who will manage to survive on the show by performing all the tasks to the best of their abilities.

In any TV reality show, TRP plays a major role to prove its popularity. Bigg Boss is one show which is common across the platforms because of its content and advertisers make a beeline to sponsor the programme.

Now, coming back to Bigg Boss 4 Telugu, the show is progressing well with drama, action and fun thrown in for good measure. What makes these shows more interesting are these elements and of course who can forget romance and kuchi-koos.

The latest episode of Bigg Boss Telugu 4 saw two contestants AKhil and Monal kuchikooing. Even though this spiced up the otherwise dull show, viewers are not happy. Bigg Boss fans are unhappy with this content and contend that the show is watched by the entire family and hence the hug and kiss between AKhil Sarthak and Monal Gajjar came as a shock and is in bad taste.

Going by this, netizens feel that it is time for Monal to be shown the exit door. If the talk in tele circles is any indication, then Nagarjuna may just eliminate Monal Gajjar. So wait for this weekend to hear the words from the host himself. Do not be surprised if King Nagarjuna says 'Monal Gajjar Eliminated'. After last night's drama, Netizens are already saying 'Monal Gajjar Elimination Confirmed.' Let's see what happens.

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