Miss India Director Narendra Nath Yaddanapudi's Success Journey

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“Think big, dream big, and achieve big,” one of the most popular inspirational pieces of advice by our late president Abdul Kalam, which inspired millions of youth in such a way that our young generation began to try their level best with regard to proving their talent in various fields. 
In the film field, many young aspiring directors are in a hurry to prove themselves and are lashing out on the first opportunity they find in their journey, though budgets are insufficient to justify their ideas. Which ultimately made their efforts lost in vain. In this tough scenario, a young director fulfilled his dream by making his first idea with a high budget and big star cast. A film made by him in a regional language made it to Netflix and has been making ripples all over the world. 

Goldmines telefilms released this movie in Hindi and the movie received a huge positive response while the Hindi version on Youtube is making sparkling waves with 3 and a half crore views in just 3 days right from the release which undoubtedly is a new record for heroine-oriented movies. The young talented director who made this record is none other than Narendra Nath Yaddanapudi and the movie is Miss India. This Movie is produced by East Coast Productions.
Keerthy Suresh who won the National award for her performance in the movie "Mahanati", played the female protagonist in the movie supported by other big stars from TFI like Jagapathi Babu, Nadiya, Naveen. Chandra, Rajendra Prasad, and Naresh to name a few. This movie is made with a quite different storyline, like a verbal fight between Indian chai and American Coffee. Though it could not be released in theatres due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the OTT and Digital release of the movie created a huge record with 110 million views and is now released by Goldmines Films in Hindi. Keerthy Suresh rejecting 22 scripts prior to accepting this one reveals the strength of the script.

When contacted, the director Narendra Nath revealed the hard time he had before getting a nod from the producer and Keerthy, when huge stars like Samantha and Nayanthara could not adjust the dates though they liked the script at first narration itself. Despite the stupendous grand opening ceremony at Annapurna Studio on 10th January 2019, the making and release of the movie is a high nightmarish bumpy ride due to the COVID-19, he recollects with pain, said the movie director in one of his interviews.

Later with laughs, he also said that the idea behind going for a different genre script for his first movie, while the general trend is to bet a safe genre like love story was wanting to set the trend rather than following it, and this recollects a hit punch from Pawan Kalyans’ blockbuster, Gabbar Singh. With pride in his voice and tears in his eyes, the director added that all the inspiration he got for this movie is from his mother who broke the stereotype to become a media head of a big company, though initially, she started as a housewife. He also mentioned that he attended a direction workshop at the New York Academy, Mumbai along with the screenwriting online workshop at London film school and directed 15 short films on the other hand, which is his initial experience before hitting the jackpot. Being a happy and busy creator, he signed off whispering, “watch out for my next project with a popular star of TFI. The records are going to tumble once again.”

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