Mimi Leaked On Torrents, Netflix Forced to Stream Movie Earlier Than Scheduled Date 

 - Sakshi Post

Netflix Original movie Mimi featuring Kriti Sanon and Pankaj Tripathi was released on July 26 across India, four days before its scheduled release date. Fans and critics binge-watched Mimi and shared their reviews on the same. OTT addicts are loving the Hindi remake version of the Marathi Film Mala Aai Vhhaychy.

As per reports, Mimi was leaked online on all the Torrent sites causing much disappointment to fans who are fuming over the piracy.  Unauthorized copies of Mimi in Full HD and 4k were leaked on torrent sites on Monday.

Producer of Mimi, Dinesh Vijan spoke about the early release on an Instagram Live session. He said: “Like babies are born premature, our film can also come early”.  But, it is sad that the film was leaked too early and got circulated on a chat-based app.

The makers appealed to the fans not to allow piracy and report it to the cybercrime division. One must remember that a lot of effort goes into the making of a movie. So acts of piracy means showing disrespect to the workers in the industry.

Should you find any pirated copies of Kriti Sanon’s “Mimi”, make sure to report to the makers on Twitter or cybercrime.

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