Meet The Top 5 Contestants in Bigg Boss 16

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Bigg Boss 16 contestants are entertaining the audience with their fights and high drama in the tasks, The ticket to finale task changed the contestants' equations, and BB16 Mandali got divided. Priyanka Chahar is giving tough competition and standing strong with her actions and words. Shiv, MC Stan, and Priyanka got into heated arguments over the task of snatching Nimrit’s ticket to finale. Well, every contestant is changing their game strategy depending on opposite contenders' performances. According to the unofficial Bigg Boss 16 voting poll, Shalin, Tina Datta, and Nimrit are in the bottom three positions. Netizens say that BB16 makers are saving Shalin, Tina Datta, and Nimrit for content. Well, Priyanka Chahar, MC Stan, and Shiv are in the top three positions. There is a high prediction that Priyanka Chahar will bag the trophy.

Check out the Bigg Boss 16 top 5 contestants

Priyanka Chahar: 1

MC Stan: 2

Shiv Thakare: 3

Sumbul Khan: 4

Archana Gautam: 5

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