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The Bigg Boss Telugu OTT contestants' performances in the show are being widely appreciated by the audience. This weekend, Bigg Boss Non-Stop gets a new twist with the wild card entry of Baba Bhaskar. Will this addition impact the rapidly changing environment of the Bigg Boss Telugu OTT show by any measure?

Talk of measure, the equations between the contestants are also changing with each passing day. We can predict that the best friends in the Bigg Boss OTT Telugu glasshouse, Ajay and Akhil, might have a clash in this week's captaincy task. Because Akhil was captured by the Bigg Boss cameras when he was back bitching about Ajay with Natraj Master over silly issues. 

Talking about the top five predicted contestants in the Bigg Boss Non Stop, viewers are frequently changing their opinions as per the task and the contestants' performance. But so far Bindhu has emerged as the strongest contestant on the show from day one. So the top five contestants of Bigg Boss Non Stop are Bindhu, Shiva, Akhil, Baba Bhaskar, and Anil Rathod. Ariyana is out of the top five list as the audience are not appreciating her game and attitude towards other contestants. Who are your top five contestants? Comment below.

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