Meet the Top 3 Contestants in Bigg Boss 16 House

BB16 - Sakshi Post

Bigg Boss 16 completed seven-week and entered its eighth week with a lot of drama and fights in the house. The contestants are not leaving any stone and get into a fights with other contestants over every silly issue. In the weekend episode, Salman Khan nominated MC Stan for four weeks as a punishment for getting into a fight with Shalin. The contestants who are on the nomination list for the eighth-week elimination are MC Stan, Ankit, Sumbul Khan, Soundarya, and Archana. As the show is completed BB16 viewers are predicting the top five of the show. Currently, Priyanka Chahar is topping and trending on Twitter for winner predictions. Priyanka is getting huge support from the audience and she topping the My Glamm contest for the first week. 

It is known that contestants target the top contestants in always to pull her down. The same is happening with Priyanka in Bigg Boss 16 house.  Meanwhile, Shiv Thakare is increasing in hype outside the BB16  house. Shiv already gained fame and emerged as the winner of Bigg Boss Marathi season 2. MC Stan fans are trending him 24/7 on Twitter and became one of the highest online fan base supporters in the show. So the top three contestants of Bigg Boss 16 are Priyanka Chahar, Shiv Thakare, and MC Stan.

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