Meet The Most Liked Contestants Of Bigg Boss Non Stop

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Bigg Boss Non Stop has gained momentum and managed to garner more eyeballs, thanks to the contestants. The show has improved in terms of its viewership and the contestants in the house are doing everything possible to win the audience' hearts with their dramas. A recent analysis on social media found that Nagarjuna's Bigg Boss Non Stop has become the most-watched reality show on the OTT platform. Now that the Tamil version of the show Bigg Boss Ultimate has wound up, there will be more takers for the Telugu version too.

With each day passing, viewers can see changes in the contestants' behavior and bonding. Viewers change their opinions on contestants according to the game and tasks. So, as per the buzz on social media platforms, Bindhu, Akhil, Shiva, and Mahesh Vitta are the most loved contestants on Bigg Boss Telugu OTT. Yes. Viewers simply love them.

Bindhu's popularity has shot up after her entry into the  Bigg Boss OTT Telugu house. She is also being touted as the first female winner of Bigg Boss Telugu. Bindhu has left the audience impressed with her straightforwardness and performance. Bindhu is an ex-contestant from Bigg Boss Tamil. Following Bindhu, Shiva has also grabbed the audience' love with his comedy and easy nature with other contestants. Most of the viewers praise Bindhu and Shiva's friendship inside the house. Netizens say that Bindhu and Shiva always keep aside their bond while performing tasks. 

Akhil already has a huge fan following outside the Bigg Boss Telugu house as he is an ex-contestant of Bigg Boss Telugu season 4. But his popularity has dropped after he stepped into the Bigg Boss Non Stop house. Viewers attribute his friendship with Ajay, Ashu, and Natraj Master, or his attitude towards Bindhu as the reason for his popularity plunge. However, he is being predicted as a potential runner-up of Bigg Boss Telugu OTT. 

Talking about Mahesh Vitta, viewers have branded him a hard worker and individual gamer. Mahesh is an ex-contestant of Bigg Boss Telugu season 3. It is worth mentioning here that Mahesh deserves to be in the top five list. Who is your favorite contestant from Bigg Boss Non Stop? Comment below. 

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