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Bigg Boss is a show in which you get to see a lot of gossip and chit chats. It s not uncommon to see contestants dividing into groups In the Bigg Boss house. They are often seen talking about other contestants—be it taking a jibe, making fun of them or discussing their behaviour in the house. These people pretend to be nice in the front of the contestants but talk and gossip about them in their absence. 

But, gossip gangs in reality shows are common and also, these gossips are way to grab more eyeballs and get more viewership for the show. Neither the makers or the host really object to this unless they cross their limits. 

In the ongoing session of Bigg Boss Non Stop—netizens have branded Akhil, Ajay, Ashu, and Natraj as the gossip gang of this season. Bigg Boss Telugu OTT viewers say that no matter what the task may be, at the end of the day, the four get together to gossip and talk behind the contestants' back.

Earlier, Bigg Boss Non Stop viewers trolled and slammed Akhil, Ajay, Ashu, and Natraj for their cheap comments on Bindhu. It appears they are still continuing their conversation on other contenders of the show. For the past few days, Akhil has not been seen joining this gang for gossips. So Akhil's fans and Bigg Boss OTT Telugu viewers are hoping that Akhil will start his game and avoid Ashu and Ajay's company. Let us wait and watch what happens. 

When it comes to Bigg Boss Non-Stop Live, Shiva is the new captain of the house. Bindhu is giving guidelines to Shiva and asks him to prove himself as the best captain of the season. 

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