Maanas Shocking Comments on Priyanka Singh from Bigg Boss Telugu 5

 - Sakshi Post

Bigg Boss Telugu season 5 finalists Maanas was eliminated in the final round after Siri Hanmanth during Bigg Boss 5 grand finale.

Maanas got more popular among the audience for two reasons, one his performance and the other was his bonding with housemate Priyanka Singh, who reportedly had feelings towards Maanas.

In a recent interview, Maanas made some shocking comments on Priyanka Singh. Maanas stated that Priyanka used to call everyone brother except him and Sreerama Chandra. "When I learnt that she has feelings for me, I asked her to be within her limits so that she won't raise hopes on me. Priyanka is a really good person, she used to genuinely care for everyone in the house," signed off Maanas.

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