MAA Elections 2021 Results: Manchu Vishnu Panel Wins Over Prakash Raj

MAA Elections 2021 -Manchu Vishnu Panel Wins Over Prakash Raj- Number of Votes Polled  - Sakshi Post

The results for the Movie Artists Association (MAA) election for the tenure of 2021-23 held on Sunday were finally declared, and the winner for the new MAA executive body was Manchu Vishnu and his Panel-Maa Kosam Mandamandaram!

He defeated Prakash Raj by 109  votes to become the new president of the Movie Artists Association (MAA) for the year 2021-2023.

This year reported a record turnout of voters  (83%) and out of the 900 members, 665 members cast their votes to elect the President, Executive Vice President, Treasurer, General Secretary, and Executive committee members. This number included the postal ballots. Manchu Vishnu panel members were leading in the Postal ballots.

What was stated to be a prestigious battle of sorts, the MAA elections was akin to the General elections held in the country. Not just the Tollywood fraternity, the people of the two Telugu States of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana were curious to know the outcome of the Movie Artists Association Elections and know who the winner would be.

It was a neck-to-neck fight with the contestants leading indifferent rounds and the counting of votes which started at 4:30 pm ended at 9pm with the trends of the results clearly in the favour of Manchu Vishnu's Maa Kosam Manmandaram Panel.

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MAA Elections 2021 Winners:

Manchu Vishnu— Wins MAA President 2021 (383 votes)

Babu Mohan -Executive Vice-president- Loses to Srikanth

Madhala Ravi (Wins- 376 votes) and Prithviraj Bali Reddy(Prudhvi)  - Vice-presidents 

Raghu Babu -General Secretary- Wins by 7 votes (341 votes)

Siva Balaji -Treasurer -Wins against Nagineedu by 32 votes (360 votes)

Karate Kalyani and Gautham Raju (wins- 322 votes)-Joint Secretaries

Manchu Vishnu Panel Executive committee members: ( 10 members win )
Archana (Veda), Ashok Kumar, Geeta Singh, Harinath Babu, Jayavani, Malakpeta Shailaja, C. Manik, Poojitha, Rajeshwari Reddy, Rekha, Sampoornesh Babu, Shashank, Sivannarayana, Srilakshmi, P. Srinivasulu, Swapna Madhu, Vishnu Bopanna and M. R. C. Vadlapatla.

  1. Geeta Singh (342 votes)
  2. Ashok Kumar (336 votes)
  3. Srilakshmi (330 votes)
  4. C. Manik (326 votes)
  5. P Srinivasulu (296 votes)
  6. Harnath Babu (296 votes)
  7. Sivannarayana (290 votes)
  8. Sampoornesh Babu (285 votes)
  9. Shashank (284 votes)
  10. Vishnu Bopanna (271 votes)

Prakash Raj— Loses MAA President 2021 (383 Votes) 

Meka Srikanth -Executive Vice-president wins over Babu Mohan by 125 votes (375 votes)

Benerjee (wins- 298 votes) and Hema  - Vice-presidents

Jeevitha Rajasehar –General Secretary-Loses

Uttej (wins- 333 votes))and Anitha Chowdary -Joint Secretaries

Nagineedu -Treasurer-Loses 

Prakash Raj Panel Executive committee members: (8 members win)
Anasuya, Ajay, Bhoopal, Brahmaji, ETV Prabhakar, Govinda Rao, Khayyum, Kaushik, Pragati, Ramana Reddy, Sreedhar Rao, Shiva Reddy, Sameer, Sudigaali Sudheer, D Subba Raju, Suresh Kondeti, Tanish and Tarzan.

  1. Shiva Reddy (362 votes)
  2. Brahmaji (334 votes)
  3. ‌ETV Prabhakar‌ (319 votes)
  4. Tanish (306 votes)
  5. Suresh Kondetti (294 votes)
  6. Kaushik (269 votes)
  7. Sudigali Sudhir (279 votes)
  8. Sameer (282 votes)

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