MAA Elections Controversy: Prakash Raj Vs Manchu Vishnu War, How it All Begun

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MAA Elections 2021: Just a day left for the Movie Artists Association (MAA) 2021 elections. The president for MAA will be elected on October 10. Prakash Raj and Manchu Vishnu are in the race for the presidential post. Ever since the news of MAA Elections has come out, the members of MAA are making controversial comments and some of them have gone personal as well. We have heard about different issues like local and non-local issues, etc. Prakash Raj announced his panel titled CineMAA Biddalu whereas Manchu Vishnu has come up with Makosam Manamandharam. Some of the netizens are predicting that Manchu Vishnu would win the presidential post.

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For the last couple of days, Manchu Vishnu and Prakash Raj went all guns blazing. Some of the members of the Manchu Vishnu panel commented that Prakash Raj is nonlocal and he won't attend the shootings on time, they questioned how can he solve the problems of MAA. To this Prakash Raj reacted and said that for the last three decades, he has been working with the Telugu film industry and has adopted a village in Telangana as well. He said that why did non-local issues come into the picture when he was associated with Tollywood for the last 30 years.

We all know that the Mega family has extended support towards Prakash Raj and a couple of days ago, Nagababu released a video and said that MAA will develop only under the leadership of Prakash Raj. Rumours are doing the rounds that Mohan Babu had asked Chiranjeevi to support Manchu Vishnu but it is said that Megastar has already extended his support for Prakash Raj. Mohan Babu said that if either Nagababu or Ram Charan would have been in MAA elections then without a second thought he would have extended his support for them.

On the other hand, Mohan Babu said that his son, Manchu Vishnu will be available all the time and promised that he would make his son work for the development of MAA. 

MAA Controversies:

Manchu Vishnu said that if he wins the president post then there will be chances of people saying that EVM tampering might have taken place. So, he asked for the paper ballot and it has been approved. Prakash Raj and his panel has met the election officer and accused Vishnu of using power to win the elections. 

MAA was formally launched in 1993 with more than 150 members with Chiranjeevi as the first President of MAA. Senior actors Krishna, Krishnam Raju, Murali Mohan acted as the advisors for MAA. Now, there are more than 900 members in MAA.

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