MAA Elections 2021: 'Outsider' Prakash Raj Draws Backlash, Politics At Its Peak

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The preparations for MAA elections to pick the president of the Movie Artistes Association is currently in full swing in Tollywood. This time, a triangular competition is about to take place. It is known that Prakash Raj and Manchu Vishnu have already jumped into the frat. However, actress Hema too has joined the bandwagon.

There is a lot of lobbying, gossips, and criticism going on. However, Prakash Raj is unfazed and focussing on aggressively fighting the elections. Accusations, disputes, counter-attacks have all coming to the fore. Criticisms are already pouring in against Prakash Raj. 

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People are commenting saying that how they could elect an outsider as MAA president. However, Prakash Raj continues to increase his strength despite all the backlash. Already supported by the Mega actor, he recently announced his panel members and surprised everyone.

Jayasudha, Srikanth, Banerjee, Saikumar, Tanish, Pragati, Anasuya, Saina, Anita Chaudhary, Sudha, Ajay, Naginidu, Brahmaji, Raviprakash, Samir, Uttej, Bandla Ganesh, Adira Shree, Adi Prakash Raj, Sudhir, Govinda Rao, Sridhar Rao among other celebrities are part of Prakash Raj's panel list.

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