Love Marriage and Divorce 2 Highest Rated K Drama on Netflix

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It is the era of Korean dramas and their popularity. Youth nowadays are watching and loving Kdramas. That is also one reason that these shows are topping the rating chart on Netflix. You will now find more and more Korean shows on OTT platforms. It is making everyone’s binge list.

One such show that recently caught the audience’s attention is 'Love ft. Marriage and Divorce 2'. The show has some really unique episodes. There was one particular episode where the main leads were only fighting and arguing for over 90 minutes. The entire episode went by like that with absolutely no change. But looks like viewers have liked this different kind of episode where they just hear the argument from both characters.

This show has topped the viewer's rating chart is also one of the most popular series on Netflix. The characters Shin Yoo Shin (played by Lee Tae Gon) and Sa Pi Young (Park Joo Mi) are being loved by the fans as they seem real with their emotions. But what took everyone by surprise was that the entire episode was based on them arguing. It was a different concept where the makers were trying something new.

While some people liked this episode and thought that this is what makes the show and the characters real; many outright hated it. Watching 60-90 minutes of argument was absolutely crazy. Some said that they kept skipping few parts as it made no sense to watch the entire thing.

The argument at some point became lost and viewers didn’t find meaning in the points that these characters were throwing around. Like Yoo Shin’s past and his justification for the affair he had, was somewhat weird. But that this part of the story and will lead to what happens next?

No matter what, this show is being loved by many.

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