Lock Upp Star Mandana Karimi Fumes Over MeToo Accused Sajid Khan’s Bigg Boss 16 Entry

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Mumbai: Voicing her displeasure over the Housefull director Sajid Khan’s participation in Salman Khan-hosted Bigg Boss 16, actor Mandana Karimi has decided to quit Bollywood. 

In her interview with Hindustan Times, the Iranian-origin actor, who shot to fame with Lock Upp show, said she was not “surprised” to see filmmaker Sajid Khan, who was accused of sexual misconduct during the #MeToo movement was back in the mainstream. 

“To be honest, I’m not surprised to see him back in the spotlight. For people, life has become like I will put my head under the sand. If it is going to benefit me, and I can make money, then who cares? That shows why the MeToo movement in India and many other countries didn’t really reach anywhere,” Karimi told Hindustan Times. 

When the #MeToo movement began in India, several women including Karimi herself came forward and accused the filmmaker of exploiting his power and position and sexual misconduct. Now that Khan is getting a chance to feature in the popular reality show, the Lock Upp star said that she doesn’t want to work in the Hindi film industry anymore.

The actor called out the Bollywood industry as a place where women are not respected. She said she has decided not to work in an industry which has no respect for women. 

“It does make me feel sad. To be honest, that is also the reason I have not worked for the last seven months. I’m not working anymore. I didn’t go to any auditions. I don’t want to work in Bollywood. I don’t want to be involved with an industry where there is no respect for women,” Karimi said. 

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