Leader Fame Actress Reacts To Relationship Rumours

 - Sakshi Post

Gossips about love life of actors are quite common and majority of them turn out to be untrue. Before social media boom, major source for news used to be these gossip bearing tabloids but now, people take social media posts of actors, out of context, to get their gossip fix. 

The recent gossips or rumours about Leader fame, Priya Anand shocked many as she was linked to two actors at the same time. She was stated to be in relationship with Tamil actors, Atharvaa and Gautham Karthik. 

The actress gave clarity about her relationship(s) with both of them. She stated that both the actors are her friends from the Industry and she hangs out with them, regularly. 

Her posts on social media involving both of them have been used as proofs for the tabloid news reports about her relationship. Hence, Priya gave a clarity about the posts as well and claimed that she got shocked to see such posts about her involving both of the male actors. 

She clearly stated that she is single and both of the actors are her friends, only.

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