Lack Of Viral Hits Force A Change In Streaming Platforms Approach!

 - Sakshi Post

None of the lockdown OTT streaming platforms releases have become true blue hits. Except for Sushanth Singh Rajput's last film, Dil Bechara, none could spring huge interest among public. 

Telugu and Tamil releases had mixed talk. Telugu viewers developed an opinion that if someone decides to release their films on OTT platforms, directly, then they might not be confident about their product. 

Even Nani's V got mixed response but the producer made solid Rs. 10 crores profit from digital, satellite, dubbing and audio rights sales. Now, others are tempted to follow his route as the losses of theatrical release will be absent with direct digital release. 

But the producers are getting revised deals across the platforms. Apparently, with lack of any sustainable viral hits from Indian markets, the OTT streaming platforms have decided to decrease the offering prices for all the films. 

They are quoting 10-15% lower than the previous offers and for some producers, this means lower profits. Still, many are trying either trying to negotiate better deals or sell off to the best price quoted, as per the sources. 

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