KKK12: Rohit Shetty Names Top Performer of The Week

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Khatron Ke Khiladi 12 has completed its semi-final and is going to enter its grand finale next weekend. Are you excited with the grand finale results? KKK12 viewers can't wait to watch how hard the grand finale stunt will be and the contestants' performance in the stunts. As per the sources, the stunt might be hard with stiff competition between the top five contestants. In yesterday's episode, Nishanth was directly eliminated from the Khatron Ke Khiladi 12. KKK12 host Rohit Shetty announced that Nishanth is quitting the show due to health issues. After Rohit announced Nishanth Bhat's elimination, the audience supported and boosted Nishanth with their Tweets.  In the semi-final stunt, Rohit outbursted on Nishanth for not performing well. 

In the first stunt, Rubina, Nishanth Bhat, and Kanika took part. In the first stunt, contestants had to walk on a hanging ply with 5 flags, which had wires with high voltage electric shock. They had to collect flags, daring all those. After the last flag, the KKK12 contestants were expected to jump into the water. They got 15 minutes to finish the stunt. Rubina outperformed and amazed the contestants and audience, while Kanika and Nishanth aborted the stunt midway for fear of electric shock. Rohit Shetty was disappointed with Nishanth and Kanika's worst performances. He lashed out at them, saying that he never expected this kind of performance from them. 

On the other hand, Rubina entered the finale with her daring and back-to-back performances. It is worth mentioning that among other contestants like Kanika, Nishanth, Rajiv, and Mohit, Rubina performed well. Rubina became the top performer of the week.

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