Kichcha Sudeep Remuneration to Host Bigg Boss Kannada Season 9

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Kichcha Sudeep is back on the small screen. He will resume his hosting duties for Bigg Boss Kannada stage with season 9. Kichcha Sudeep is very well known for his realty show hosting abilities on the Bigg Boss Show. A section of the audience watches Bigg Boss Kannada only for Sudeep. It is known that Sandalwood audiences admire Kichcha Sudeep a lot and Bigg Boss Kannada is the only reality show he hosts. 

According to a report, Kannada Bigg Boss producers pay BBK host Sudeep a large sum of money each season. Now, speculation is rife on social media platforms that Kichcha Sudeep has doubled his remuneration for Bigg Boss Kannada season 9. Sudeep reportedly began hosting Bigg Boss Kannada in 2015 with a Rs 20 crore salary and continued with the same salary for the next five seasons.

Anyway, there is no official clarification on Sudeep hiking his remuneration for season 9. But Sudeep fans on social media are comparing Sudeep's hosting with that of Salman Khan and say that he deserves to hike his remuneration. Because Bigg Boss Kannada's TRP rating has been consistently high since season 5. BBK makers agree with that too. Well, this year Bigg Boss Kannada has been delayed due to Sudeep's tight schedule. 

Meanwhile, the promo shoot for BBK 9 has been wrapped up and likely to be be released in the last week of July. According to sources, BBK9 could premiere in the middle of August.

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