KGF Chapter 2 Leaked Scenes, What to Do?

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KGF Chapter 1 broke all records on the big screen and created a new benchmark at the box office. The film became hugely famous so much so that fans still watch the movie a number of times on the OTT platform. KGF 1 is streaming on Amazon Prime Video and fans don't mind watching it again and again to beat boredom. The film's dialogues are the heart of the film, and Yash's performance in the film is what keeps the audience engrossed from start to finish. The hype around KGF Chapter 2 was high, and fans were concerned about the hype created by Chapter 1 creating huge expectations for Chapter 2. But according to reports, KGF Chapter 2 lives up to its hype.

Netizens say KGF Chapter 2 lived up to their expectations, and they have applauded Yash for his performance. Some characters are replaced, and new characters are introduced. However, it seems the audience are satisfied with the movie and it does justice to the high ticket price. 

A day ahead of release, KGF makers requested the audience not to take videos while watching the film and not to upload it on the internet. A statement from KGF producers, Hombale Films, read: "Let us experience the grandiose of KGF in the cinemas only not spoil it for others waiting to watch oi in the theatres." The KGF makers also shared numbers of a few contacts with the audience to report if they came across any pirated copies of the movie. 

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