The Kashmir Files IMDB Rating Higher Than Titanic

 - Sakshi Post

The Kashmir Files, directed by Vivek Agnihotri, finally hit the big screens after lots of controversies. Citizens were eager to watch The Kashmir Files which is based on real historic events in real life, which have remained documented by the government and reportedly ignored by the media. The incident that took place in 1990, has not been forgotten by the people who felt their own home in Kashmir valley and many women were raped, men were killed and kids were orphaned. When Vivek decided to release the film, many non-Hindu people protested against release of the movie. But the common netizens supported the movie as it is an emotion and an acknowledgment of the injustice done to the Hindus in 1990. 

Anyway, The Kashmir Files is getting a massive response from the audience. The IMDb has given a 10/10 rating to "The Kashmir Files' which broke all the records in the film industry. The IMDb rating for the Hollywood film Titanic, which was based on a true story, was 7.9 while Uri got 8.4. It is worth mentioning here that The Kashmir Files defeated the many commercially successful films. Vivek's The Tashkent Files did not get this huge response.

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