Karthika Deepa Spoiler Alert Today's Episode June 19: Bhagyalakshmi To Help Deepa and Karthik

 - Sakshi Post

In today's episode of Karthika Deepam, Karthik requests Deepa not leave him. Mounitha explains her plan to Priyamani. Soundarya meets Deepa and asks her opinion on the Karthik situation. Later, Mounitha interrupts Deepa and Soundarya's talk. Bhagyalakshmi decides to help Karthik and Deepa. Meanwhile, Deepa gets furious over Mouniths's visit.

In yesterday's episode,  Mounitha demands an answer from Karthik and pleads with him not to ignore her. Hima and Sourya question Deepa about the grim situation and why Karthik relocated his hospital to Deepa's location. On the other hand, Sourya decides to find the truth about Karthik and Deepa's fallout. Elsewhere, Deepa is worried about the children. Karthik is shattered when Soundarya refuses to help him. She gives him an earful and blames him for the situation.

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