Karate Kalyani Whereabouts Still Unknown, Police to Serve Notices Again

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Telugu actress Karate Kalyana seems to be going through a tough time now. The actress landed in a new controversy over adopting a 3-month-old child illegally. 

After receiving a complaint from the childline helpline number 1098. Its officials approached Hyderabad police to conduct an enquiry. The officials went to the actress' house only to find Kalyani and the 3- month old baby were not at home and they questioned her mother and brother to know Kalyani's whereabouts. 

Karate Kalyani had not responded to the notices served by the police. The police have intensified the investigation to find out who are the children adopted by the actress?.

The police also prepped to serve notice to Kalyani once again. 

Meanwhile, Kalyani's mother had asked the police to find her daughter and adopted child.  

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