Kangana to Forcibly Remove This Contestant From Lock Upp For Obscenity

 - Sakshi Post

The Lock Upp show is getting a massive response from the audience, and the TRP rating for the show is breaking records. Lock Upp is grabbing the attention of the viewers. The audience are impressed by the way Kangana is hosting the show. Poonam Pandey, the most controversial celebrity, is always in the news for one reason or another.In yesterday's episode, Poonam Pandey made a shocking statement in the lock upp show that she would take her shirt off on live if her fans save her from the charge sheet. 

Poonam Pandey stated that, "Whoever is watching me right now, if you save me from the charge sheet this week, I'll give you a big surprise on-camera. You all vote for me and see what happens in this jail." Other contestants asked her to tell her what the surprise is Later, Poonam revealed that she would take off her T-shirt if her fans save her from nominations.  Lock Upp contestants were little shocked to hear Poonam's announcement. Anyway, Lock Up viewers believe Kangana will evict Poonam Pandey from the show for making such statements.

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