Kangana Again Slams Few Bollywood Stars As Drug Addicts!

 - Sakshi Post

Kangana Ranaut has been taking on nepotism in Bollywood films and on the drug abuse in the film Industry, ever since Sushanth Singh Rajput death by suicide case, started taking different directions. 

Before the drug angle came out, she kept the discussion about nepotism going. Once, the drug angle has come out, she started calling "nepo-kids" and "nepo-stars" as drug addicts and "coke-sniffers". 

She said that she wants to see the Bollywood stars like Ranbir Kapoor, Vicky Kaushal, Varun Dhawan and many who go regularly to parties of high society in the Bollywood, to be tested. She took names randomly but her goal has always been Alia Bhatt, in some fashion or the other. 

Why she does so? Only, she can explain. Anyways, she wants the big celebrities to get tested for drugs immediately after they attend the parties. She said that she can prove that each one of them has taken at least one sort of a banned narcotic drug there. 

She said that people don't understand the level of "gutter (sewage water)" that flows in the Industry and she wants to clean it, with the help of her fans and audiences, to make it safe for younger generation.  

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