K Pop Band BTS Members Plans After Separation: Who Will Do What

K Pop Band BTS Members Plans After Separation: Who Will Do What - Sakshi Post

Bangtan Sonyeondan aka BTS has recently announced their hiatus in the BTSFESTA 2022. They said that they will be focusing on their solo performances rather than giving group performances. 

They also discussed a lot of things about the past, present and future activities in the one-hour-long dinner session. They all remembered how they were, and how they lived together for over 9 years including their screen debut and also their practice days. 

They remembered how Jungkook chopped off the newly brought mattress, to make it fit in the room, instead of going to the shop, return it and get a new one. They all remembered their happy and sad moments as well. 

While discussing the future and present projects, Suga said that he is so busy with his schedule and couldn't even include his English classes. Everyone said they were shocked after seeing his schedule. Jimin said he has planned a few songs, while RM and V said that they have been working together on one project. J-Hope is already ready to launch his new solo album. Jin said he didn't decide on what to do yet, and further added that he was busy with video games, for two weeks. 
And finally, they promised that they will be in touch with all the fans even during their solo performances.

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