Justin Bieber in Love With This Indian Drummer, Video Viral

Justin Bieber in Love With This Indian Drummer, Video Viral - Sakshi Post

A video of a middle-aged man playing the drums at a religious ceremony ( jagrata ) in Haryana went viral after the famous Canadian singer, Justin Bieber shared it on his Instagram account. 

In the video, a man named Mishu Kaul can be seen performing jumping jacks while playing the drums. The video was originally shared by Instagram user Rangile Haryanvi on July 8. 

The viral video caught the eye of Justin Bieber and he shared it on his Instagram stories with the caption “@stixxtaylor, I am expecting you to do this next show” while tagging a famous drummer Devon Taylor.

The viral clip which had garnered 900K views already added 21 million more views and 8.95 lakh like at the time of writing the piece when the Canadian singer re-shared it on his social media account. 

After seeing the viral clip on Justin’s Instagram account, netizens started reacting to the video. One of the Beliebers ( fanatical devotees of the Canadian pop singer Justin Bieber) said that “(Just Thinking) not Justin gonna try this at the tour.”

Another user wrote, “Seeing Justin's story, whoever has come, like it.”

A third user wrote, “I definitely came here from Justin Bieber's story, but I wonder why did he post this? Maybe he thought it funny. Lol.”

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