Janaki Kalaganaledu Spoiler Alert For Today's Episode April 15: Will Jnanamba Accept Jaanu? 

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Jnanamba is in a dilemma after seeing Janaki’s photo. In the meantime, her husband comes and asks her to show the photo of the bride. After knowing that it was Janaki, he feels happy and asks Jnanamba to accept the proposal. He later prays God to finalise the alliance.

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Yogi comes to talk to Jaanu about marriage. Following a power cut, Janaki asks her brother to take her to a lonely place. Yogi tells Jaanu that he wants to get her married. Janaki feels shocked after listening to it and she opposes Yogi’s decision. She tells that becoming an IAS officer is her dream and she will not agree to the marriage.

Meanwhile, Mallika makes Jnanamba angry. What did Mallika do to evoke such reaction should be watched in the episode.

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