Indian Audiences Prefer Drive-In Theatres, Now!

 - Sakshi Post

Indian audiences who love cinema and can't live without watching one, atleast every weekend, have a new way to access to theater experience, safely. Drive-in theatres have started operations in USA and on daily basis, they are showcasing new release films too. 

Even though the collections from these theatres are not huge, producers and Studios in USA are happy that Drive-ins doing well prove that the audiences are indeed looking forward to watch films at theatres. 

Now, Indian audiences can also get the same experience. In Delhi NCR region, Drive-in theatres have started operations and the response from local crowd is encouraging. In 1970's when such theatres have first started operations in Ahmadabad, they had to be closed within two to three weeks time, due to losses. 

Recently, in few areas like Gurugram, Delhi NCR and in other selected spots, Drive-ins started functioning in low key manner. With the current pandemic, they have become the safe option for audiences who crave theater or near to theatre experience. 

At these theatres, people can watch films from their cars and order food which will be brought to their cars with all the safety measures in place. Looking at the response, Sunset theatres, who took the first step to screen a film last weekend, at their drive-in, announced shows on 22nd and 23rd August, as well. 

If the same sensational response will continue, they want to make it a regular affair with shows every weekend in September and October, as well. 

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