Imlie 19th March 2022 Episode: Aryan is Sloshed

 - Sakshi Post

In today's episode of Imlie on March 19, 2022, Imile and Aryan are sulking and are in no mood to join the Holi festivities at hime. Tripathi plans to change their mood by using Imile Bhang formula. Tripathi gives Bhang to Imile and Aryan after which the couple get a high and into a state of intoxication. 

They walk towards each other and smile. Aryan and Imlie play Holi and enjoy. Aryan runs after Imile, who bumps into Sundar. Meanwhile, Sundar tires to smear colour on Imile, but Aryan stops and pours water on his hands.

On the other hand, Badi Maa prepares a chemical to harm Imile and assigns the task to Gudiya. Meanwhile, Aditya turns to Imlie to throw colors and Gudiya to throw chemical water. Aryan observes them both and protects Imlie from them. The chemical water falls on Aryan and Gudiya gets shocked and leaves. Aryan feels uneasy too. Imile is puzzled as to why did he left. Later Aryan goes to change his dress and Imile comes over. They get into a heated argument. 

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