HYBE Statement on BTS Concert at Busan Expo 2030

HYBE Statement on BTS Concert at Busan Expo 2030 - Sakshi Post

The BTS Free for all concert at the Busan Expo 2030 is all set to take place as scheduled on October 15. As there was a problem in the venue in Busan, the venue has now been shifted to another place. 

But the whole question around this is who is bearing the charges for the concert even though it is a free concert. BTS ARMY is demanding to know if it is HYBE that will take care of everything or the Government of South Korea. It is known that K-pop group Bangtan Boys are not charging a single pie for the concert.

Korean news portal Sports Chosun stated, "First of all, in response to media inquiries about the cost of the Busan Concert, we have stated that there will be significant costs, and a significant portion of this cost will be covered by corporate sponsors, online streaming advertisements, and incidental projects of The City Project. In addition, it was also informed that the company decided to directly pay for the shortfall that could not be covered even with these methods of securing financial resources."

It also added, “BTS will also appear in this concert without any additional fee, and this will be done in a way that actually embodies the artist's idea that he wanted to perform for free for many fans in the past,"

As per HYBE, the company "and BTS have focused on valued outcomes rather than costs when it comes to participating in national events." Elaborating on the same, they continued, "We and BTS have been participating in national events large and small from the past. We have participated with a will to contribute to the country and society, and have not made the issue of cost a priority."

It also said it has concern on the government's money, so they going to use it carefully.  "We understand that the expenses of the event cannot be sufficiently covered by the government's financial resources. In addition, the government's support has always been carefully approached because the source of the government's support is the people's taxes," they said.

The agency also said that they will be putting out all their efforts to make the concert goes well.

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