How to Vote For Your Favourite Contestant in Bogg Boss Telugu Season 6

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 elimination - Sakshi Post

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 has completed its second week and entered into its third week. BBT6 Host Nagarjuna gave a twist to the contestants and viewers by announcing double elimination. 

In yesterday's episode, Shani Solomon was eliminated from the show. Shani is the first contestant to get an exit pass from the Bigg Boss Telugu 6 house. As per sources,  there is a high chance of Abhinaya Shree also to get evicted from the house in tonight's episode. 

The Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 contestants who are in the safe zone are Revanth, Faima, Adi Reddy, Marina, Rohit, Geetu Royal, and Rajshekar. Do you also want to save your favorite contestant from elimination? Then check out the phone numbers of the contestants to give a missed call as a vote and save them.


1    Adi Reddy             7288877617    
2    Bala Aditya           7288877611     
3    Arjun Kalyan         7288877607     
4    Arohi Rao             7288877619    
5    Abhinaya Sree      7288877609     
6    Chalaki Chanti      7288877605     
7    Faima                   7288877616    
8    Geetu Royal         7288877608     
9    Inaya Sultana       7288877614     
10    Keerthi Bhat       7288877601     
11    Rohit & Marina    7288877610     
12    Shani Salmon     7288877613     
13    Neha Chowdary   7288877604     
14    Revanth                7288877620     
15    Sri Satya               7288877606     
16    Shrihan                     7288877603     
17    Sudeepa Pinky         7288877602     
18    RJ Surya                    7288877615     
19    Raja Shekar            7288877618     
20    Vasanthi Krishnan   7288877612


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