How Siri's Boyfriend Killed Shannu's Chances of Winning Bigg Boss

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Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 ended. But still, we are speaking about the show. VJ Sunny became the winner of the show whereas Shannu emerged out as the runner-up of the show. We have heard rumours that Shannu lost the trophy due to his overconfidence. It is also said that he has lost the first place because of his closeness towards Siri. We all know that Siri and Shanmukh have been trolled many times for their relationship. Now, one more rumour that is doing all the rounds is that Siri's boyfriend killed Shanmukh's chances of winning the Bigg Boss title. In a post, Srihan said that without Siri, Shanmukh wouldn't have survived in the BB house. 

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Now, Shanmukh and Deepthi Sunaina have parted their ways. Today, they have announced their breakup. First, Deepthi Sunaina posted it on her Instagram, later, Shanmukh Jaswanth reacted to the post and said that he wants Deepu to be happy.

Some of the netizens are also predicting that Siri and Srihan are going to end their relationship. Let us not decode much but wait and see what is going to happen.

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