How Much Was Monal Gajjar Paid For Bigg Boss House Stint?

Monal Bigg Boss Remuneration - Sakshi Post

Is there any need to give an introduction for Monal Gajjar? Obviously, a big NO. She earned an immense fan following with her stint in Bigg Boss house. The Gujarati beauty created her mark in the BB house. She entertained all and sundry with her glamor and stayed in the house for 14 weeks.  The chemistry between Akhil and Monal is known to everyone. She shared a good rapport with Sohel as well. However, we all know about Monal and Abhi's relationship in the house. Many times Monal was into nominations but Bigg Boss makers saved her from elimination but finally in the last weekend she got evicted out of the house. Nagarjuna the host of the show also praised Monal for her performance.

Before her elimination, many netizens expressed their unhappiness over eliminating some of the strong contestants like Kumar Sai, Mehboob, Avinash, etc from the house.  Keeping all side, now Monal Gajjar is out of the house and let us know how much Bigg Boss makers have given her as remuneration.

According to the reports, Monal receieved Rs 2 to Rs 2.5 lakh as remuneration per week. So, on an average, the 'Sudigadu' actress might have earned nearly Rs. 30 lakh for her 14 weeks of stay in Bigg Boss house.

Coming to the show, Bigg Boss is going to end in a few days. Currently, the top five contestants in the house are Akhil Sarthak, Abhijeet, Ariyana, Harika and Sohel. Let us wait and see who is going to win the title.

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