How Much Does Tik Tok Bhanu Earn Per Day?

 - Sakshi Post

Is there any need to give an introduction to Tik Tok Bhanu? Obviously, a big No. She is one of the most popular stars on social media.  She enjoys a huge fan following. She makes Insta reels and youtube videos. Recently, she also did some hungama on Jabardasth and Sridevi Drama company shows. If you look at her Instagram account, we bet you will be scrolling at it time and again.

Bhanu has good fashion sense and has the power to carry any outfit with much grace and style. Now, the news is about how much does she charge per day? According to the reports, she charges more than one lakh per day and Mallemalla is offering her such a huge remuneration for her shows for each day. It is said that she takes nearly Rs. 50K to Rs. 70K for an event. She is called an expressions queen by her fan.

Here are some Instagram videos of Bhanu.


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