Here's Why Kangana's Lock Upp Finals May Not Happen

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Kangana Ranaut’s Lock Upp is receiving mixed response from the audience. Contestants in the prison are ensuring that Lock Upp viewers engage with the show by way of their performance and dark secrets which are shocking, to say the least. 

Lock Upp is managing to stay in the news for some reason or the other. Now, Ekta Kapoor's Lock Upp Is back in controversy.

Ekta Kapoor has landed in trouble just ahead of the grand finale. The Hyderabad Police has registered an FIR against ALTBalaji, MX Player and Endemol Shine for alleged plagiarism. According to reports, Sanober Baig, the managing director of Prime Media based in Hyderabad, filed a complaint in the Supreme Court demanding that the show be stopped and was directed to appeal to a lower court. 

Later, the city civil court ordered that the show stop airing on April 29. He had been involved in a legal battle with the show's producers, accusing them of plagiarism for stealing his concept of 'Jail.' 

He recently stated that the fact that the show was still running appalled him. "I had to knock on the doors of the police because I was shocked that the show's airing had not stopped."

After thoroughly investigating and verifying the situation, the Hyderabad Police Department filed an FIR under sections 420, 406, and 469 of the IPC. The details are mentioned in an FIR dated 4th May 2022 at Hyderabad's Kanchanbagh Police Station and bearing the number 86/22."

In February, he accused showrunner Abhishek Rege of stealing his concept. 
He continued, saying: "I am aware that Ekta Kapoor has multiple FIRs against her for objectionable content and indecent representation of Indian Armed Forces families, and I am appalled that she and her organisation are brazenly abusing the law.

We have heard the police and the judges bemoan the fact that the rich and the powerful get in the way of the proceedings of the law. I believe the bigger a person is, the more responsibility they have to maintain the law and order.”

"There cannot be two sets of laws -- one for the powerful and one for the ordinary citizens. As we celebrate the 75 years of democratic governance in India, the trust of ordinary citizens in institutions such as the police and judiciary should not be broken. I am sure that due to our persistent efforts; eventually, there will be a fair trial and prosecution of the accused - who are seated in powerful chairs. Hyderabad police are reaching Mumbai for further investigation today, May 6,“he said. The Lock Upp grand finale has been reported due this issue to May 7 from May 9."

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