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Actor turned Director Parameshwar Hivrale's vision to narrate and introduce the story of an undisputed leader, Gummadi Narsaiah to the audience is incredible. He stepped into the world of cinema as an artist but his heart always lay with direction. Finally, his dream of becoming a filmmaker is turning turn true with his debut movie titled, 'Gummadi Narsaiah'. 

Parameshwar made his debut in Tollywood with the film, Chiru Godavalu and later acted in many films like Kumari 18+, Lavanya with love Boys, Marmum, Akasa Desana, Jathiya Rahadhaari, and Dhaari. In an exclusive interaction with Sakshi Post, Parameshwar Hivrale tells Priyadarshini B about his directorial debut. 

To begin with, there are many leaders who have worked for the welfare of people, Why did you choose Gummadi Narsaiah's story?

During my schooling, my grandparents used to narrate bedtime stories and all those stories intrigued me a lot. I thought that many leaders have fought for the welfare of people and have done many sacrifices. But, after grade 7, I stopped visiting my grandparents as I was quite occupied with my studies. After that, I started reading different stories and found that what my grandparents narrated was similar to the stories in the books. But in reality, it's totally different. I have seen leaders who made many poll promises, but never fullfilled them. People always trust leaders and cast their votes. In the last 75 years of Independence, India has not seen a great deal of development. My heart breaks when I see some sections of society struggling to make ends meet. 

I heard about Puchalapalli Sundarayya, Tarimela Nagi Reddy, and many other great leaders but never saw them. Finally, I stumbled upon an article that talked about how a five-time MLA from Yellandu, Bhadradri-Kothagudem district Gummadi Narsaiah was working for the welfare of the people. He never used any government vehicle and travelled to Assembly by public transport. He lives with the people to understand their problems. He donated his salary for party works and development activities of the constituency. 

In the year 1983, Gummadi Narsaiah won as an MLA. A total of 14 Independent candidates won the 1983 elections. Out of 14, 13 MLAs had shifted their loyalties but Gummadi Narsaiah didn't change his party. Gummadi Narsaiah worked for bringing electricity, education, and roads to the constituency in his 25 years of being an MLA. He also played a significant role in solving problems related to podu lands. 

Parameshwar Hivrale on the relationship between Gummadi Narsaiah and Dr. YSR:

Dr. YS Rajasekhara Reddy and Gummadi Narsaiah shared a very close relationship with each other. Once, YSR said that "You are the one who lives according to your ideology. I maintain relationships with a few and you are amongst them. You are an inspiration for many. Not many leaders would stress on the problems of the people in the Assembly, but you raise awareness on the problems of people in the Assembly."

Gummadi Narsaiah's answer on why didn't he accept the escort and home?

When YSR asked Gummadi Narsaiah why didn't he accept the escort and a residence in Hyderabad, the former replied, "I came here after people voted for me. If I roam in cars, how would I understand the problems of the people? I want to stay connected with the people in the constituency." In another incident, Gummadi Narsaiah told YSR that he can't afford his housing. YSR was shocked and wondered why he couldn't. Then, Gummadi Narsaiah told YSR, "If you want to sanction a house for me then you have to sanction houses to all the homeless in my constituency." Later, YSR sanctioned homes for all the people under the Indiramma Scheme. Gummadi Narsaish has been living in the house that was sanctioned to him under Indiramma Scheme.

Is this going to be a thought-provoking movie?

I want to release the film before the next elections so that people who cast vote would think twice before electing their leader. I think this movie is going to be a thought-provoking one for sure.

Are you clear on what to focus on in the life of Gummadi Narsaiah?

Yes... I wanted to show how Gummadi Narsaiah led his life without getting influenced by others' decisions.

Did you visit Gummadi Narsaiah's hometown in Tekulagudem? How was it meeting Gummadi Narsaiah?

I spent nearly two years in and around the Yellandu constituency. I went to different mandals in the Yellandu constituency and watched Gummadi Narsaiah in close proximity. Meeting my inspiration was really a surreal moment for me.

There is a change in the way audience consumes movies. Do you think the audiences will love 'Gummadi Narsaiah's story?

I think the audience's perspective has changed a lot. The audience would definitely connect to 'Gummadi Narsaiah's' story.

You are making a directorial debut with Gummadi Narsaiah's story. Do you think that you will be able to make a mark in the world of cinema with your directorial skills?

I'm confident about the story because I have spent nearly 2 years on the script. Best technicians are working on the film and one of the top stars in the Indian film industry will be playing the lead role.

What is the message you want to give out to the audiences with the film? 

There is nothing like delivering a message, I just want to introduce a great leader like Gummadi Narsaiah to the audience.

Why do you want to make the film, a Pan India one? Do you think the subject you have chosen can impact more people?

I want people to know about one of the greatest leaders in the country who always worked for the well-being of the public without expecting any favours in return. I approached a couple of top actors in the South Indian film industry. But, one of the stars rejected the film as he was a bit skeptical about the role. Finally, one of the talented actors in the Indian film industry has given his green signal to the film. The story of the film decides whether it is a pan India one or not.

When did you decide to become an actor?

My passion was always towards the direction. Initially, when I spoke about my desire to work in films, my parents tried to convince me to pursue higher education, but after they realised it was my dream to become a filmmaker, they supported me a lot. My College Principal Balaji Sir spotted my acting talent and supported me a lot.

Did you do any acting course before stepping into the cinema?

Yes! I have taken up a course in acting in Pune before entering the field.

Do you think that Gummadi Narsaiah's story will become a success at the box office?

The screenplay of the film will be next level and surely win the hearts of the audience.

How do you balance your personal life and professional life?

My family supports me a lot. Besides thanking my mother, father, and wife for extending their support, I also thank my friend, Krishna, Balaji anna. Satya, an editor - also part of my support system.

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