Geetha Arts Manager Files A Cyber Crime Case Against Fraudster Duping Heroines

 - Sakshi Post

HYDERABAD: It is not new to create fake IDs by the cyber criminals and trap the girls on the pretext of offering movie roles. They target the girls who love to create their place in the world of cinema. 'RX 100' director Ajay Bhupathi lodged a complaint with the Hyderabad Cyber Crime Police asking them to take action against the fraudsters who are using his name to lure the artists with offers in the movie industry.

Ajay Bhupati released a video message in which he explained that some of the people have created fake profiles on his name and are sending messages to the girls. He said that 15 days ago, a girl messaged him through Facebook saying that she had received calls from a person saying that she has been roped in a role for his film.

The team of Ajay Bhupathi who manages his Facebook account immediately responded to the message and disclosed it with proper advice on fake profiles. The 'RX100 director' said that the matter didn't settle there and he had received a similar type of calls from a few more girls. Then his team found that all the messages to these girls on offering film roles have been sent from the same number. Ajay Bhupathi took it seriously and went on to file a complaint with the Cyber Crime. He requested everyone to stay cautious and be aware of such fraudsters and said that official announcements of his films will be released on trusted sources only. Here is the video.

Now, a similar incident has been reported by the famous banner, Geetha Arts. The manager of Geetha Arts, Satya has filed a complaint against those cyber criminals who trapped innocent girls on the pretext of offering a female lead role opposite Allu Arjun in a Tamil movie. The fraudster also started chatting with the girls claiming that he was the designer and make-up man in the production house. Satya asked the police to take necessary action against the cyber criminals. Geetha Arts is one of the most popular production houses established by Allu Arvind in 1972. The company has produced more than 40 films in Telugu, Tamil and other languages. Geetha Arts took to its Twitter and wrote, "Any agents or third parties claiming to do so are false. For any queries on this please email to us:" Here is the tweet.

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