Gautam Vig Earnings From Bigg Boss 16

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Bigg Boss 16 is the most watched and popular reality show on the Hindi small screen. The contestants are grabbing the eyeballs of the audience with their couple fights. BB16 viewers say that Bigg Boss 16 is all about love drama and couple fights. In the recent episode, Shalin and Tina got into a heated argument over Shalin’s fight with MC Stan. Sumbul was seen obsessed with Shalin and Tina finally said on Sumbul's face that she has feelings for Shalin where she is taking advantage of their fight. It is known that Shalin is loving Tina and both are sharing couple's bond in the house. Anyway, Salman Khan warned Sumbul and said to play her instead of interrupting in others fights. Meanwhile, Salman Khan lashes out at Shalin for being immature in the house. 

Well, Gautam Vig is the recent contestant to get evicted from the show. Gautam Vig and Soundarya have good chemistry in the house. BB16 viewers did not expect that makers will eliminate Gautam Vig because they thought that Gautam might be saved for TRP rating purposes. Anyway, Gautam got eliminated on good terms. As per the reports, Colors TV and Bigg Boss 16 makers paid Gautam Vig around Rs 4 lakh per week. So the total remuneration of Gautam Vig from Bigg Boss 16 is around Rs 28 lakh. However, there is no official statement from the actress.

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