Four K Pop Videos That Bring Alive Korean Culture

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In recent years, where diversity is the way of living, South Korean music has gained more popularity.

Mostly during Covid-19, when it was locked everywhere, people got to find new ways of entertainment; one of them is K-Pop songs. Although the songs are of heat beat, the artists made sure to reflect their Korean culture in the songs. Let’s have a look at them.

Daechwita by Agust D aka Suga of BTS

Released in 2020, this hit hip-hop song by Agust D is shot in a famous and well-preserved historically-themed location called the Dae Jang Geum Park. The place was built to showcase how South Koreans used to live in the past. The artist wore a black and gold Korean ensemble that represented the traditional outfit. One of the shots in the music video also takes us through the old market of the country and shows how the locals dress up.

Hanryang (feat BIBI) by Min Kyung Hoon & Kim Hee Chul

The singers performed this Uber-cool song dressed in Hanbok. The song features Super Junior’s Hee Chul and is produced by DinDin. The artists delivered a traditional-inspired hip-hop song and wowed fans with ATEEZ’s special appearance in the melodious track.

Thunderous by Stray Kids

Last year, Stray Kids came out with their album Noeasy. For the music video of Thunderous, the band’s eight members walk through a set that depicts the traditional Korean way of living. Apart from impressing us with their high-octane choreography, they also give us a glimpse of the palaces, and the street vendors dressed in hanbok.

Idol by BTS

Idol was released during the pandemic, It was released on August 24, 2018, and serves as the title track. Dressed in a hybrid design of modern and traditional Korean outfits, the seven members delivered an enchanting performance at the iconic location where kings used to host meetings and receptions with foreign envoys during the Joseon dynasty.

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