Fans Call Matthew Perry insensitive Over His New Friends Themed T-Shirt, Here’s Why?

 - Sakshi Post

While the Reunion episode just aired and left all the Friends fans in awe, there is also something there are not happy about. And it is not regarding the series’ special but one of the actors, Mathew Perry known as Chandler Bing to most.

Recently Perry got vaccinated and shared the news on his social media handle. He was seen flaunting a shirt with a line printed on it that was referring to the series. “Could I BE Any More Vaccinated? Get your shot and then get your shirt,” read his tweet. He shared a link to buy the T-shirt and asked everyone to get it soon as it was a limited-edition special.

The post went viral with people all over Twitter reacting to it. Some took it in a fun way and laughed while reading the reference. They shared that Perry was spreading awareness and that his way to earn some money is also not too bad. At least people will get inspired by this. But this was not what all had in their minds.

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Many wrote that this was insensitive of him as he was trying to make money during the pandemic. People were angry and said that he could’ve just spread a word of awareness instead of trying to endorse his own merch. “You are trying to earn money from this? Making a shirt based on the vaccination message is not cool. I am SO not impressed,” wrote a Netizen.

The internet was divided on this. While some were angered, some supported him. “Well, this is bringing awareness and if a man wants to make some money while at it, then what’s the harm. I will order the T-shirt,” read another comment.

Well, what do you think?

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