Even RGV Had To Face Covid Fear

 - Sakshi Post

Ram Gopal Varma has been working on as many projects as he can to make his OTT platform, a huge success. He has many films lined up to release on his RGV's World Theater. 

He will continue with pay-per-view policy with all his OTT releases and he already announced Corona Virus, 12 o' clock, Murder, Thriller, Dangerous, Allu films as his next projects. Some of them will be directed by him and others by his assistants. 

Thriller, Dangerous kind of titles seem to be his ode to pop legend, Michael Jackson but their themes or quality don't really make suitable comparison to those legendary hits. 

Well, the workaholic director - producer also faced fever scare and he was rushed to an hospital to get tested for Covid, say reports. After all the tests, it is determined that he has viral fever. He is asked to take bed rest for a week to ten days to recover. 

But his projects that are on sets with his assistants as directors won't stop production. The script work of the films that he is planning post this line-up with be put on hold until his recovery, according to the reports. We wish him a speedy recovery. 

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