Even Nagarjuna Can't Save Monal After Last Night's Midnight Masala With Akhil On Bigg Boss

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Is there anyone who is unaware of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4? A big No. The show is coming closer to the finale and every day,  we are seeing some interesting things on the most controversial show.  This season is something different when compared to the last three seasons.  We have seen friends, foes and romantic partners in the house. We all know about the relationship between Monal and Akhil. It is the most discussed topic on social media. On the other hand, we also know that Abhijeet had a special interest on Monal earlier, but the equation between Monal and Abhijeet changed completely.  Abhi became close to Harika and now they are very good friends.

Now, coming to the latest episode, it is definitely a special one for the fans of Akhil and Monal. The task which Bigg Boss assigned to the contestants was 'Commander Training'.  All the contestants have been seen doing some exercises and everyone has to follow Bigg Boss' drills. Akhil is the captain of the house.  The contestants have to walk in slow motion, do plank walk,  hide for gunshots, etc. After completing the challenge, contestants get a star.

At the end of the episode, a big surprise unveiled for all the viewers. The contestants organised a birthday party to Akhil. Everyone wished him and no doubt, the special wish would be from Monal, right! Yes. And my dear readers, she also planted a kiss on his cheek. The video of Monal kissing Akhil is going viral online. Here is the video.

A few netizens expressed their opinion that Nagarjuna, the host of the show had been protecting her all this while. But the Bigg Boss cameras caught her kissing Akhil around midnight and she is being trolled badly on Twitter. Now, with her obscene behaviour she may be evicted from the house.

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