Eliminated Surya Kiran Exits In Style: Check This Out

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Bigg Boss Telugu 4 started a week ago and finally, the contestants of the house are getting to know each other. The house its first ever elimination last night at the first weekend. If you are a regular follower of Bigg Boss Telugu 4, then you would know who got eliminated. He is none other than Surya Kiran and his elimination came as a huge surprise to his fellow mates. Incidentally, he was the second contestant to have entered the Bigg Boss house.

During his one week of the journey in Bigg Boss, he earned a negative image in the house. But, interestingly, the maverick director won the hearts after his elimination. He gave a wonderful positive analysis of all the housemates in front of host Nagarjuna after being evicted. It just seemed, his best show came a bit too late, that too only after his exit. As part of the exit chat, Nagarjuna asked Surya Kiran to describe every housemate while comparing them with an animal. The audiences, who till then only saw a blabbering Surya Kiran at the drop of the hat during his stay, got to see the real, thinking side of the director.

Here is what he came up with while comparing the contestants with the list of animals given to him:

Gangavva: Surya Kiran compared Gangavva to an ant, saying that it can carry 30 times more than its own weight. He said anti is an apt description for Gangavva as she has shouldered enormous burden in her life more than she can. She has the power to overcome hurdles in her life and can handle any type of situation.

Dethadi Harika: He compared Harika to a snake and asked her not to spit venom on anyone. Nagarjuna supported Harika and said that he loves snakes. When Nag showed the Cobra tattoo on his hand and said snakes are not bad as such, Surya Kiran quickly clarified that he compared Harika to snake in sharpness, giving a positive spin to it.

Devi Nagavalli: As days pass by, Devi Nagavalli is slowly gaining a strong foothold in the show. That was evident during the first weekend where received positive vibes from Nagarjuna and then from Surya Kiran. He compared Devi to a crocodile. His take was that crocodiles can adjust anywhere and live both in water as well as on land. Devi is just like a crocodile in that sense. It won't harm anyone but if anyone tries to harm or come in its zone, it will not leave them.

Lasya: Surya Kiran compared Lasya to a donkey and he came up with this interesting analogy to justify that. He said she has to manage all the burden of the house by virtue of being the captain of the house.

Noel: Ever since he entered the house, he is playing the game brilliantly. Surya Kiran who was with him for one week, observed it and compared him with a fox. He said that he is as clever as a fox. Concurring with Nagarjuna's opinion that Noel 'over-thinks' about everything, he advised him to curtail this and expressed his wish to see him emerge as one of the strongest contestants.

Jordaar Sujatha: Surya Kiran said that she is the most trustworthy person in the house just like a dog. Anybody who shows even a bit of friendship and warmth can earn loyalty for life from her.

Amma Rajasekhar: The best of all came at the last. This is what Surya Kiran had to say about Amma Rajasekhar, who is close to him. Surya Kiran likened Amma Rajasekhar to a lion, much to the pride of the choreographer-turned-director. But before he could savour the heartening tag, Surya Kiran poured cold water, saying that the lion is right now behaving like a monkey, trying to create fun to keep everyone in good humour. Even as Rajasekhar looked a bit shocked, Surya Kiran exorted him to start behaving like a tru lion.

Before leaving the house, Surya Kiran got the opportunity to drop the 'Bigg Bomb'. And without batting an eyelid, he hurled it on Devi Nagavalli. But here is the twist. This Bigg Bomb had all positivity written on it. Yes. The bomb was meant spare any one contestant from the daily household chores for one day. After initially finding Surya Kiran as more of a loose cannon in the house, the show lovers were pleasantly surprised to see the real, analytical side of the director and are praising him for that on twitter. Take a look at the tweets

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