Eliminated Contestant Queency Earnings From Bigg Boss Tamil 6

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Queency is the recent contestant to get evicted from the Bigg Boss Tamil season 6 glasshouse. Queency performed well in each and every task and did not give up on any hard task. Queency has doubled her following with her fair game and behavior in the Bigg Boss Tamil season 6 glasshouse. But there was negative talk about Queency, that she was the sleeping beauty of season 6. Bigg Boss Tamil 6 viewers say that she is lazy, but they say that she tried her best to not be lazy last week. Well, it seems like netizens expected Dhanalakshmi to get an exit pass from the show. Anyway, as usual, she escaped from the elimination this week too. After Queency's elimination, there have been several searches about her remuneration from Bigg Boss Tamil season 6. According to the sources, Queency's earnings from Vijay Television and Bigg Boss Tamil 6 is around Rs 2.5 lakh. So the total earning of Queency from the show is around Rs 20 lakh. Anyway, the number is based on speculation; there is no official information from the actress. 

Bigg Boss Tamil season 6 completed its eighth week and entered its ninth week. The contestants are managing to grab the attention of the audience with intense drama and fights. The contestants who left the Bigg Boss Tamil 6 glasshouse after Queency's elimination are Adk, Amudhavanan, Ayesha, Azeem, Dhanalakshmi, Janany, Kathirravan, Manikandan, Nandhini, Rachitha, Ram, Shivin, and Vikraman. 

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