Dhee 13 Winner Name Leaked, Details Inside

 - Sakshi Post

The popular dance show, Dhee 13 Kings vs Queens, has one episode left for the conclusion of this season. Fans who have been following the show since the beginning of the season are eagerly waiting for the finale. After the show's makers announced that Allu Arjun would be the chief guest for the finale, the fans' expectations soared.

But before the episode aired, the finale winner episode was leaked and is making the rounds on social media.

In the leaked video, Allu Arjun holds two contestants' hands, and the remaining people are observed to be marking a "count down." Allu Arjun then is seen lifting Queen's team Kavya's hand and it showed that Kavya was the winner of the Dhee Kings vs Queens.

Before the episode is to be telecasted, Kavya also posted screenshots of congratulatory messages on her Instagram story. This clearly proves that Kavya is the winner of this season.

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