Delivery Man Shares BTS Suga’s Heartwarming Message To Him

 - Sakshi Post

The biggest boyband is what you say when you talk about BTS. But what makes them so popular is not just their music but also their kind and caring nature. The band has millions of fans across the world who love their attitude.

Many stories of BTS and the members’ humbleness has been shared a lot of times. One such story came from an Indian delivery man in South Korea. He shared a heartwarming incident that took place when he went to deliver a food package to BTS member, Suga.

The delivery man hailing from Kerala shared that he has delivered food to BTS a lot of times. He met different members at different times. He handed the package to Jungkook, RM and even Jin. This time he gave it to Yoongi.

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In a chat session with Kerala radio channel Club FM, the delivery man shared that he is not even an ARMY. But I have met 4 of the BTS members as part of my job. The members I have met are Jin, RM, Suga and Jungkook. “If you ask me about my experience, I will say that all the members are so good.” They do not have any stary attitude or any kind of ego.

The video which was shared on the Instagram account went viral and left ARMYs in awe over what Suga did. The man said that after the order was placed, he received a message from Suga. As there is no option or feature that provides a phone number for the customer to call the delivery man, Suga used the “Rider Request” option.

In the Request section, he wrote that “It is a rainy day. It doesn’t matter how much late you come, just drive carefully.” Suga was concerned for the delivery man’s safety and said that it wouldn’t matter if he arrives late, but he should just drive safely.

This was another sweet anecdote of BTS and their humbleness. Even after being the biggest boyband on the planet with millions of ARMYs by their side, the boys remain down to earth.

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